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Boundary Indoor/Outdoor Dog Repellent Pump Spray

Lambert Vet Supply

Boundary Indoor/Outdoor Dog Repellent Pump Spray helps your pet learn to stay off furniture, out of the trash or other off limits areas of your home and yard. Use Boundary Indoor/Outdoor Repellent Pump Spray along with consistent training. Apply daily to targeted areas.


Boundary Indoor/Outdoor Repellent comes in a convenient pump spray. Boundary will repel dogs for up to 24 hours when applied daily. Use in accordance with label directions with consistent training.

Follow label directions for use. Pre-test fabrics for color safeness before use. Counter surfaces and other surfaces are safe for use with dishes and utensils once the application of Boundary Indoor/Outdoor Repellent has dried.


Active Ingredients:

Methyl Nonyl Ketone (1.9%), related compounds (0.1%), and other ingredients (98%).

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